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Assisted Living Facility In San Diego County, CA

What does life without dementia look like for your loved one? Marama is here to help them make whatever it looks like a reality! Our senior living facility in Vista, CA, is determined to support their cognitive health journey. Unlike other care facilities, our goal is to help them get back to living independently.

During their stay, they'll enjoy many social activities, meals designed by a dietician and prepared by a trained chef, and assistance with chores. We are safe and respectful and provide full-service care to seniors who require cognitive support. If you think your loved one is a candidate for our services, please click the button below to find out!


Why We're Your Go-To Senior Living Facility

Memory loss is no fun for anyone. Our staff wants to help those with Alzheimer's and dementia effectively manage their symptoms. That's why we offer so many services that support brain health.

Through immersive experiences, we aim to help you return to independent living. Enjoy individualized attention, organic keto-flex nutrition, compassionate caregivers, and non-toxic housekeeping assistance when you choose us.

Supporting Cognitive Health
With Senior Services And More

  • Dementia Care
  • Senior Living
  • Independent Living
  • Yoga Classes
  • Brain Games
  • Nature Walks
  • Pet Therapy
  • Toxin-Free Housekeeping
  • Music Therapy
  • Organic Keto Flex Nutrition
  • Couple's Living
  • Arts & Crafts

Do You Know A Candidate for Assisted Living?

If you think you do, we would love for you to reach out. To find out if we can help your loved one, please click the button below.


You may also call (760) 505-3019 for more information. We are at 727 Ascot Dr in Vista, CA.

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